UX that Matters

Starting in January 2018 i’m working as intern in Telkom, i have duty as UI/UX Designer, this field is actually a strange thing for most of people who dont work in IT yet important. User Interface and User Experience are two things that inseparable, it are two things that always walk side-by side, you cant desing UI in apps without thinking the UX.

UI or User Interface is the display of apps that directly visible to the user, and the UX is the experience the users feel, UX is not just the flow of the app but also how the user feel easy and comfort using apps. it is extremely difficult to understand user without understanding their need, some users may have been expert in using all apps since the first time using but also some users still knew nothing and need adapt and learn how to use the app.

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The toughest part of life maybe when we have children, life is gonna be totally change, it would never be the same.

We’ve been wondering how’s life gonna be when we grow up, we’ve always imagined it, but we forgot the consequences when we become parents.

Our parents perhaps have been the best parents in the world, their dedication is amazing, their love, thier kindness. But, can we at least as good as them ?

it’s very difficult to say we could be on our parent’s level. though, it’s not impossible.

But, how is it to be a great parent ?

Listen More, Speak less. it’s true that our parents seems having too much control of our life, but it based on their experiences, they don’t want us to be hurt but eventually they just oppressed us.

Have you read The Little Prince ? when the navigator was child, he drew a boa swallowed a mamoth but just looked like a hat. The grown-ups didn’t understand and must be told that it was a snake swallowed a mamoth. When we’re getting older we didn’t realized that our imagination has been gone long time ago, we didn’t think the way children thinking, we think in the most logical way, we just forgot how to make amazing imagination.

We solve the problems the way grown ups did. it’s good to be mature but we should have never forgotten our childhood.

Be friend of you kid(s)this one is quite simple but parents apparently forget it. Kids are amazing, they have the way thinking differently.

Think the way they thinking. Kids are unique for each kid, they different one each other, understand your kids and think the way they think.


questioning unquestionable

what is the most basic thing we couldn’t question ?

what do you think ? is it religion ? is it your president’s order ? or perhaps your lover wish ?

we live in a world that something silly could be something important. let’s say you don’t have a relative one, could your life become easier ? i can’t give guarantee, it’s just relative.

World is full of relativeness. for me, religion is the most unquestionable thing, i live in a country that realtively command for its citizens to have a religion, it even has been ordered since our indepence. Indonesia juts recognized 6 religions, Islam as it’s majority, Chritianity (protestan and catholic), Hinduism, Budhism, and Confucius.

John Lenon, once said “Imagine there’s no heaven”, this principle made clear that living with no religions could be a better way for humanity.

But what if religions is one of human’s best way for living in a harmony ?

What i really don’t understand from human is war, why did God give human intelligence just to make world even worse.

What do you think the greatest war in modern era ? WW II, right ? And what is the greatest war in classical era ? for me, it’s crusades.

what’s the point of war ? why did it order by religions fractions ?

Crusades has great impact for humanity, if i were there i wouldn’t go for war.

then someone would shout “defend your god!”, Why does god need to be defended ?

He has everything, power to destroy world and universe, money to buy everything. and humans basically just dust in universe.

I think, if you have questions about religions or god, the best way to find your answer is by keep questioning it, then keep finding the answer you want from all religions. it’s not about the religion but about best answer that satisfy you.

about my posts

i think my current and previous posts are not good enough, obviously.

it doesn’t have a narrow point on what i talk on the title. i just literally talking or writting with no meaning and no points.

sometimes i wanna talk about life or ambitions but it contains nothing, it has less meaning, at some points i wish i gave my readers something to be cared about. something to be their motivation.

but so far, i think i’ve failed amazingly. I got nothing to be proud of, my posts are awful.

i tried to figure out what does really matter to many people around me, but my observations seems always been failed.

if i wrote about my daily life, it seems just like personal blogs without any purposes, just like my another weird blog. i don’t want it. in this blog, personally i want have a better purpose and should be persistent.

i start from now, is going to write in this blog with so much better post, i will work harder and try do my best to achieve my goal.

Ah, Kuliah Informatika Cuma Mainan Komputer aja

another hard day, itu adalah last feedku di insta story hari ini.

Menjadi budak teknik tak terpikirkan olehku sebelumnya. Kuliah di bidang “exact” memang memiliki banyak tantangan, mulai dari tugas seabrek (yang kuliah di bidang lain pun juga sama) dan tuntutan untuk berpikir logis dan sistematis.

hal yang lucu bagi kami anak informatika adalah konotasi kalo anak IT cuma bisa benerin PC atau install ulang PC. Well, sebenarnya hal seperti troubleshooting PC seperti hal diatas tidak diajarkan ke kami, bahkan banyak anak informatika yang tidak jago-jago amat dalam pembenahan PC.

Well, this is silly, in most of Indonesians’ stereotype, you’re nerd and only have one skill, fixing PCs.


Bagi anak IF atau IT lain yang bekerja di bidang yang sama, artinya ga murtad ke bidang lain, ngejelasin tentang istilah-istilah IT itu gampang tapi kalo semisal bekerja di bidang yang jauh kaya misalnya ke kantor pemerintahan, niscaya setereotype itu tidak akan pernah berubah.

Rohingnya Confflict: From IT Student’s view

Recently, conflict in Rakhine, Myanmar that involves Myanmar government and muslim-minority ethnic, Rohingnya has spread all around Indonesia. As muslim, Indonesians seem have to show their support and solidarity.

The minority, according to Myanmar government is described as Bengali because of some reasons, their skins, their language, and their appearance. This genocide (as i assume) initiated  because of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) attacked Burmese security forces on 25 August, this new according to BBC.

The result is, 400.000 or maybe more, Rohingnya people flee to Bangladesh, Myanmar’s neighbour.
let’s talk from the economic side, 400.000 humans are huge amount of man, i am pretty sure that among of those 400.000 are many in productive age. what if Myanmar govenrment empowering them to be labour or educate them.

I know it’s not as easy as talking but somebody should think that this is an opportunity. Look, another country that has great amount of labour is Bangladesh, it has 163 millions in populations.

What if, Bangladesh government thinks this as good chance ? though there are still many problems of course. if Bangladesh could response this with right way, this confflict could gives them more money, and makes Bangladesh to be bigger and bigger country in term of manufacturing, because it is where Bangladesh’s money come from.

Indonesia and Its Diversity

Lately, Indonesia is facing a test for its citizen. Indonesian is divided to 2 general sides, one side is like pro conservative-muslim and the other is pro diversity.

Well, for me this in terrifying. Since i was born, Indonesia has been known as a plural nation and very tolerant. Though, majority of Indonesians are muslim but Indonesia doesn’t apply caliphate. But, it is highly reported that around 10% of population (i can’t make sure the exact number) want it to be applied in Indonesia.

But, there are many silent majority as well (including me) that still want Pancasila as our ideology. We can’t deny that impact of Jakarta last election was tremendous. it’s like a trial for our people how it feel devided into 2 major sides. Yet, Indonesia is still a Pancasila nation.

Yesterday was the 72th birthday of Pancasila that was Born in June 1st 1945, and was declared as Indonesia’s ideology as nation in August 18th 1945.

FYI, Indonesia consists of more than 15.000 islands and more than 300 ethnics and more than 300 local languages, imagine this diversity ?! awesome,isn’t it ?!

But then, suddenly some groups that than even never had contribution to Indonesian independent wars wants to do a kind of coup d’etat and replace our ideology. I don’t know what to say. Man, i am speechless.

As, young generation of Indonesia, obviously i feel this is wrong. I support my nation founding-father’s decision that declared  Pancasila as ideology. Don’t foget that a leader of one of biggest islam organization in Indonesia was there and he was the first  the minister of religion and he had opportunity to enforce caliphate, but he didn’t do it.

For me, if you never had part at independent fight, then you have no right to change our ideology.