Indonesia and Its Diversity

Lately, Indonesia is facing a test for its citizen. Indonesian is divided to 2 general sides, one side is like pro conservative-muslim and the other is pro diversity.

Well, for me this in terrifying. Since i was born, Indonesia has been known as a plural nation and very tolerant. Though, majority of Indonesians are muslim but Indonesia doesn’t apply caliphate. But, it is highly reported that around 10% of population (i can’t make sure the exact number) want it to be applied in Indonesia.

But, there are many silent majority as well (including me) that still want Pancasila as our ideology. We can’t deny that impact of Jakarta last election was tremendous. it’s like a trial for our people how it feel devided into 2 major sides. Yet, Indonesia is still a Pancasila nation.

Yesterday was the 72th birthday of Pancasila that was Born in June 1st 1945, and was declared as Indonesia’s ideology as nation in August 18th 1945.

FYI, Indonesia consists of more than 15.000 islands and more than 300 ethnics and more than 300 local languages, imagine this diversity ?! awesome,isn’t it ?!

But then, suddenly some groups that than even never had contribution to Indonesian independent wars wants to do a kind of coup d’etat and replace our ideology. I don’t know what to say. Man, i am speechless.

As, young generation of Indonesia, obviously i feel this is wrong. I support my nation founding-father’s decision that declared  Pancasila as ideology. Don’t foget that a leader of one of biggest islam organization in Indonesia was there and he was the first  the minister of religion and he had opportunity to enforce caliphate, but he didn’t do it.

For me, if you never had part at independent fight, then you have no right to change our ideology.