Why Do Car-Makers Terrified to Tesla

Hello, i am starting to write in english (Forgive for my bad grammars/typo) tonight.

So, let’s talk about automobile manufacture from U.S, Tesla.

I’ve been following Tesla (because of its Model S) since 2 or 3 years ago. i think, Tesla is revolutionized automobile industry with its Model X,Model S, and the latest Model 3. So far i know, demand of Tesla car is really high in U.S even buyer should pre-order for Model 3 for more than 12 months. Since last year until now, Tesla hasn’t been delivered a single Model 3 to customer but the demand is still high.

Tesla puts price tag Model 3 starting at 35K USD and it’s really affordable for U.S citizen. While, model S is still starting at 70K price tag seems this price doesn’t make the customers hesitate to buy those cars.

Okay, we still don’t have Model 3 on the road right now, for you guys who want to see how it is the Model S, better you check this one video below.

Video above by famous-youtuber MKBHD or Marques Brownlee. He has Model S P100D and it’s really dope, i mean look at that fancy tyres dan the color is really cool.

Weeks ago, Tesla made a new milestone to be the most precious automobile manufacturer in U.S and beat giant us automobile manufacturers such as Ford and GM, though the profit of those two giants still dwarfs Tesla’s profit but seems Tesla has better  and brighter future.

With its technologies and awarness of world’s citizens to global warming and environmrntal issues, Tesla obviously will leads the automobile Industry to green and renewable energy. Don’t forget that Tesla is working with SolarCity to provide sun-powered roof to charge Tesla-car’s battery in customer’s house or even in public space.

But, Tesla won’t be able to monopolized this car market section. There is a new competitor is approaching. It’s Faraday Future with its FF91.

I just imagine if those old and established automobile manufactures don’t make any great movement towards the future, clearly the fight in car selling is gonna be Tesla or Faraday Future.